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Formed in 2020, a 4-member borderless pop band "Haikaburi".

Characterized by a free sound that is not bound by genre, and a unique but honest sense of words.


Formed in March 2020 by Ryota Sakane (Vo. Gt.) and Kazue Tanaka (Ba. Key.). Since they had no musical experience, they set aside a year and a half to prepare, and in September 2021, they started in earnest with the current four-member lineup, including Daiki Yokoyama (Gt.) and Yudai Nagata (Dr.).

The 1st EP "NEIGHBOR" was released in January 2022, and the 2nd EP "MUSEUM" was released in March 2023, and both works established the band's expression as concept EPs with a theme.


Ashikaburi is the first original band for all members. Please join us in the story of how we, who are new to music and life, mature and shine like ``Ashes'' (Cinderella).

-Music without boundaries, to all of you without boundaries-


Ikkei Tanaka (Ba. Key. Leader) 


Yudai Nagata (Dr,)

Ryota Sakane (Gt. Vo.)

Taiki Yokoyama (Gt. Cho.)

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